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Rapid Prototyping Projects

Little Big Boy

Little Big Boy was a iOS rapid prototyping project of five people.  I worked with one other programmer on this over the course of two weeks.

The game used tilt and touch controls and the player controlled character would run …

Tron – Purge Wars

Tron – Purge Wars was a rapid prototyping student project built using XNA.

The game is a four player split screen game where player’s fly light jets.  Players score points by shooting another player down or if someone crashes into their ribbon. …

Hungry Squirrels

Hungry Squirrels was a rapid prototyping project built using flash.

The project went through an initial two week sprint with a team of five people and then was selected to go through another two week sprint of additional prototyping with additional people due to it’s success.

The project …

Nutty and the Buttercream Package

Nutty and the Buttercream Package was a two week rapid prototype. I was the only programmer on a team of five people. Sadly the project was over-scoped and the game didn’t get the amount of polish that it really needed.…