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A Few Shaders More

Here’s a few more shader examples that were all done in FxComposer.

First we have a shadow map example.  To create a simple shadow effect you simply have to render the scene from the lights perspective into a shadow map.  The shadow map stores the distances from the light’s point of view and by using the shadow map you can determine if something should be shadowed or not.

We also have a protective texture mapping example.  The soft shadows are done by using a texture to show where the spotlight should effect and for how strong.  It’s a simple way to do soft shadows for spot lights.

The final two shaders we have this week are static environmental mapping and a skybox effect.  Both effects use a cube map.  To do dynamic environmental mapping you would have to create the cube map at run time.

Spot Light with Simple Shadow

Projective Texture Mapping with Shadows

Static Environmental Mapping

Skybox Effect


I’ve also included a link to a project of combined effect shaders that I have done.  Most of the shaders I’ve uploaded so far are for a single unique effect.  I’ll be focusing more of combining effects together from this point on. 

Combined Effect Shader Project


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