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Shaders in the Havok Vision Engine

When it comes to shaders the Havok Vision Engine gives you a visual shader editor, similar to to UDK’s material editor and allows to you an actual HLSL shader editor. You can’t do post process effects with Vision’s visual shader editor and due to that I’ve been working on shaders for Plushy Knight that the artists can’t create on their own.  I’ve also been helping them with any shader issues that are having.

First we have an example of  a Cook Torrance specular effect.  Cook Torrance attempts to simulate microfacets by using fresnel and a roughness term.

Next we have a black and white post process effect and an improved sobel edge detection effect.  This sobel edge detection is using a depth and normal buffer to getter better results when calculating edges. The depth buffer is also used to limit the range of effect.

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