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May, 2012

Porting Recast into the Havok Vision Engine

One of my tasks for the game Plushy Knight was solving the AI issues with navigating the environment.

I solved this task by porting the open source navigation mesh system Recast into the Havok Vision Engine.

Recast is a very popular open …

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Post Process Shaders

Time for post process effects!

I started out with a simple black and white post process shader.

Basically it turns this

into this


This is done by getting the sum of the rgb pixel values and dividing it by …

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Bump Mapping and Parallax Mapping

A few more shaders. Here we have expanded the previous lighting shaders so that all three types of lights (directional, point and spot) are all working together.  We also have a comparison shot of regular bump mapping and parrallax mapping.…


Basic HLSL Shaders

Here are some basic HLSL shaders that I’ve made.



Nothing fancy, just done to get familiar with FX Composer.  The way lighting is done in these shaders is diffuse lighting.  The light direction and the normal of the …