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Plushy Knight – Run-Through

Here’s a play through of the game Plushy Knight.  Enjoy!

Plushy Knight – Trailer

The game I’ve been working on, Plushy Knight is almost done! Here is the trailer for it!

Shaders in the Havok Vision Engine

When it comes to shaders the Havok Vision Engine gives you a visual shader editor, similar to to UDK’s material editor and allows to you an actual HLSL shader editor. You can’t do post process effects with Vision’s visual shader …

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FIEA C++ Game Engine

The main task for a programmer over the course the second semester at FIEA is to create a flexible cross platform game engine. This project was the largest code base I have ever created by myself and it encompasses many …

Porting Recast into the Havok Vision Engine

One of my tasks for the game Plushy Knight was solving the AI issues with navigating the environment.

I solved this task by porting the open source navigation mesh system Recast into the Havok Vision Engine.

Recast is a very popular open …

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First Edition Postmortem

First Edition was a 3D side scrolling game.  The game featured basic platforming and combat in a 3D environment.  As programming lead on the project I assigned tasks to the other programmers,  scheduled milestones and determined what was in scope for the …

Nutty and the Buttercream Package

Nutty and the Buttercream Package was a two week rapid prototype. I was the only programmer on a team of five people. Sadly the project was over-scoped and the game didn’t get the amount of polish that it really needed.…