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Havok Vision Engine

Shaders in the Havok Vision Engine

When it comes to shaders the Havok Vision Engine gives you a visual shader editor, similar to to UDK’s material editor and allows to you an actual HLSL shader editor. You can’t do post process effects with Vision’s visual shader …

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Porting Recast into the Havok Vision Engine

One of my tasks for the game Plushy Knight was solving the AI issues with navigating the environment.

I solved this task by porting the open source navigation mesh system Recast into the Havok Vision Engine.

Recast is a very popular open …

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First Edition Postmortem

First Edition was a 3D side scrolling game.  The game featured basic platforming and combat in a 3D environment.  As programming lead on the project I assigned tasks to the other programmers,  scheduled milestones and determined what was in scope for the …